Boost Your ELO Rankings Today

posted on Dec 14, 2014| tags: Boost Your ELO Rankings Today

We can’t deny the fact that League of Legends is the most popular and most competitive massive online battle arena or MOBA today. It is so popular that according to RIOT, the creator of League of Legends, the game has more than 60 million monthly players and it is steadily rising. Because there are millions of active LOL players, it is no wonder why there’s a tough competition between active LOL players in ELO ranking.


Because it is not easy to gain better ELO rankings, it would be advantageous for a player to gain a boost so that they have an edge against others and then get the Division rank he or she wants. But finding that right boost is not easy. There are many unreliable ELO boosters these days. Fortunately, there’s


LOL gamers wanting to boost their ELOs will be happy knowing that they can get all the help they need from They don’t just help boost players but make sure they get to the rank they want with the Single Game, Division Tie

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Timeless Joke

posted on Dec 14, 2014| tags: Timeless Joke

This could be a classic joke in my opinion. Man! I cannot stop laughing:



"Waiter, there's a dead fly in my soup! What do you expect for $1 - a live one?"

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I\'m Tense

posted on Dec 12, 2014| tags: I\'m Tense

Good day all! This is my brand new blog; I am a good friend you are able to trust.

In incredibly brief notice you'll find the level of gladness I acquire by means of doing cart rallies. That is not the only thing I happen to be involved in. However, you are certain to get to find out more about me as you read my upcoming articles. Please come back and visit me in the near future.

Just remember to continually bear this in mind. Vision without action is daydreaming and action without vision is a nightmare. - Anon

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